Our patent pending innovative technology enables cost effective, industrial scale deployment of remote cylinder level measurement to the gas cylinder distribution industry.

We combine this with state of the art industrial IoT technology to provide a world first solution; delivering value throughout the supply chain and beyond.

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There are millions of gas cylinders in the UK and billions worldwide, yet once they leave a supplier, the gas level is unknown.

Knowledge of the gas level provides valuable information to both users and suppliers.

Running out of gas may be frustrating if you're having a barbecue, but it's more serious if you're relying on it for heating. For the hospitality sector, a lack of CO2 supply can lead to a very significant loss of revenue. For industrial users, the costs of gas supply loss can be enormous and in the medical world, could be a matter of life and death.

For suppliers, gas cylinders are expensive assets that are heavy, bulky and have a high financial and environmental cost to transport. Distribution requires fleets of vehicles and a network of secure storage sites holding sufficient stock to ensure demand can be met. Since that demand can only be estimated, suppliers must trade off all of the costs associated with excess stock, against the risk of failing to meet customer demand.

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Surely this has been solved before? Not pre-TankTastic!

There are many technical challenges to monitoring the gas levels in cylinders and tanks, whilst the sheer quantity of assets in circulation means that any industrial scale solution is subject to challenging cost constraints.

The contents of cylinders can be toxic or explosive, and for many applications contamination risk is a major concern. There are numerous existing in-line (invasive) methods of measurement which are either costly or inaccurate, but nothing that delivers the potential of an industrial scale connected solution.

New developments in technology and connectivity, including TankTastic's own patent pending measurement approach, have opened up an exciting opportunity to provide a solution that meets these demanding challenges and delivers a game changing product.

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The ability to remotely monitor levels of gas remaining in cylinders opens up a myriad of opportunities to provide benefits to both suppliers and users.

For suppliers, an improved understanding of demand will streamline logistics reducing costs through:

  •  automated reordering
  •  just-in-time delivery
  •  reduction in supply chain cylinder fleet
  •  reduction in 'trunking' (moving supplies between depots)
  •  reduction in the environmental impact of delivery

No more guessing the gas level. The customer knows how much gas they have used and can reorder in good time.
They can also make direct savings by avoiding returning cylinders that still contain unused gas.

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